Paladins [3.3] FPS Configs – 2020 update!


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The configuration files will be updated each patch!
Remember to mark the file as Read Only, otherwise the game will turn the settings back to default!!

As of 3.3: Added particle effects for visual clarity.

Quick note: Pressing F11 twice to switch between Fullscreen and Windowed modes, fixes framerate limit issues!


Music used in the video:

Track: Steve Hartz – Never Get Old [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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Track: Halvorsen – CTRL Z [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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  1. Hey I'm using Steam, where is the games folder?
    I installed Steam to my F: drive without admin access. What do I do?

  2. Hey bro i really like your configs, but I want to change the "number style" of damage points when you hit an enemy… did you know what is the line that i have to change? Sorry for my english… si hablas español, mejor… gracias

  3. Hey, I have been using this config for a little while. Pretty neat, I can get a constant 175fps!
    But I wanted to ask if this could cause any problems with launching. Or some crash related problems. I have those but I'm pretty sure that they aren't because of this. But out of curiousity I will like to ask if someone had problems of that kind when using this config.
    Great work!

    Btw, Do you have some knowledge about launching issues? I have been trying to get a solution for a particular problem.

  4. Bro this helped me a lot but is there a way to boost a bit my graphics? It's way too pixelated (low)

  5. when i try it and i come in paladins, it's tell me "incorrect user name or password" , something like that and i don't know why … can someone help me ?

  6. did you by chnce accidentally change a setting thar lowers the volume for incoming damage? I am not sure it the last patch caused this bug, or using this config did, but now I can't hear the SFX for when I take damage. I am using the "Competitive" Setting

  7. Can someone help me? No matter the settings i put on (Max, Medium, Low) my fps is always the same. I even tried the potato config and my fps was the same as max (50-80fps)

  8. I have the Game on Steam everything worked but can you do a Tutorial for the old extern luncher because on this luncher i cant find the Chaos Ordner i only find default i tried it with default i only renamed it but doesnt work…

  9. On competitiv 64bit 1920×1080 dx11 are my fps maxed to 144 is that right? Or is it because Vertical Sync? How can i disable this cap?

  10. i noticed a thing which really bothers me. And im not usre if im just silly or it really is a thing. Like im playing on maximum, because i can run it without any problem. I can run it on 60-80 fps, even sometimes over 100 fps. But if i enable vsync it gets a lot more smoother with 60 fps cap, than disabled vsync with 100 fps. and i really dont understand why. Everywhere i have read that the more fps i can play with the better the experience wil be

  11. Hola como hago para cambiar la resolucion? porque tengo un monitor con resoluciĂłn 1440×900 y cuando lo cambio en el juego al reiniciarlo se me vuelve a poner en la resolucion del archivo que me descarguĂ©. Incluso estando en modo solo lectura no se mantienen mis cambios. No se que pueda ser

  12. Hello can you help me? I wanted to know where I can edit the file just so that the sprays are visible in the competitive mode, if you can contact me I will be grateful!

  13. what is your in game settings in competitive config because my bomb king head is normal but his body is orange trasparent

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