Paladins Cheater: FightingForLove


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Match ID: 99823615 – Player name: FightingForLove – Offense: Cheating

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This guy grouped up with the cheater of yesterday`s video 5 times in competitive so there were actually 2 cheaters in this match.

His cheat wasn`t as obvious as the other cheater, since he can`t summon a mount whenever he wants and shoot from it…
But he has aimbot which gets obvious in some parts throughout the video since he makes a lot of headshots in a row without a shot missing and a few moments later misses nearly every shot. He has a wallhack aswell, since he sometimes hid and waited for enemies to get around the corner or come closer into his line of sight while already aiming at them which he hasn`t even seen in first place.

Other Cheater Video Proof:


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  1. Be sure to check out the video of the cheating Viktor`s perspective! He was the actual problem throughout the match. Way more than this cheater actually. I just uploaded a video from Androxus perspective because I wanted to have video proof for both of the cheaters since they always group up to increase their chances of winning even more!

    Cheating Viktor`s Perspective:

  2. even with the cheats he still dies even using andro which has great mobility.. shows how weak and noob that player is..

  3. i once had a game with cheater torvald he didnt had aimbot or wallhacks but he had mount riding able to shoot hack

  4. lol this andro is a CHEATER? look at 3:00 that was a really suck ult!
    and that viktor.. obviously cheater! and that viktor is famous cheater how can you defame this andro as a cheater?

  5. LOL You can actually see him turning on and off the cheat and how it makes a little jump when switching from the actual mode to the aimbot.

  6. This Androxus is hacking? WOW, never would have guessed it. He actually completely sucks. I couldn't even tell that he was cheating. He basically didn't do shit. That Viktor is completely obvious, but Andro actually sucks here.
    3:00 Nicely wasted ult. That aimbot sucks ass. And he died way too many times for a cheater.

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