Paladins Dealing With Hackers, Griefers and Dodgers – Lessons from Valve


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  1. Just want to highlight main points, the low priority system works pretty well in Dota. Obviously there are troll reports, that is why it would always need to be lots of them! Also the negative reports lower over time, so you really need to be reported repeatedly over multiple games in a short period. If you aren't an actual hacker etc it is easy enough to get out of. I'm not sold on the phone idea because not everyone has a phone! But it was interesting to talk about. Also if you want to chat more come over to our Discord – and follow me on Twitter: 😀 thanks for watching all!

  2. the first and last time i left a game was because i did not realize it affected everyone else, i thought it was like tf2

  3. I don't know what made me ask this but, what were your first champion you've ever played? I feel like it will usually be Skye or Viktor.

  4. I dont wanna get banned as sometimes my fucking laptop hangs a lot and I just cant fucking join the match. I dont take deserters on purpose and wtf should I do if my parents tell me to stop playing and unwantingly I have tostop playing…sorry to everyone if I make you lose 🙁 or If I went afk and just by thinking something I think why r the bots in the game :l and afk people should not be punished as some of those ( considering me) did it becuase of some technical and life problems like potato pc or parents or slow internet

  5. I think game dodging is fine. I personally feel like I have to when I go into comp and the enemy gets all the high tier champs and my teams gets no tanks and three flanks.

  6. there should get banned for life hackers spoilet game on Xbox one you can see hacks I'm home during one hack kills

  7. There are also tge high ping players and ssometimes paladins breaks…
    Thats frustrating for the player and for his allies
    And its not his fault

  8. Sure dodging games is bad. But when you get matched with 4 people who insta-lock all damage / flank that don't know what they're even doing and enemy team is well balanced it's no fun to play.

    Except when you pick Kinessa and there are no flanks in enemy team. Then it's quite a lot of fun.

  9. Fucking hate instalockers like tf they either go all
    Flanks or all damages don't play anything else so
    Fucking annoying

  10. Fuck them if they don't have enough other assholes in low priority queue, they deserve it, I won't rude for them because THEY can't get quickly in a game, THEY ruined a ton of normal people games.

  11. I don't actually mind hackers, you can win a game even when you're playing against one. it's racist, sexist, fascist, trolls, harassers etc. I've got a problem with

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