Paladins Hack free updated 5.4.2017 UNDETECTED! no ban AIM, ESP, AUTOSHOT


FileSize: 22 MB

Free paladinshack2017 is ready for download

Paladins Hack free updated 5.4.2017 UNDETECTED! no ban AIM, ESP, AUTOSHOTwas extracted from

You can download here (direct link) Download Update : Download EAC Bypass by Fisherprice

2. Bypass EAC using the WIN64AST or EAC Loader.

3. Inject the KOK v1.8.dll file with process “Paladins.exe” and use undetected injector of your choice.

4. Press Insert to bring up the menu.

5. Use arrow keys to navigate.

Changes v1.8:

1. Menu changed.

2. All 3 Aimbot modes fixed.

3. Wallhack fixed.


1. Don’t use it on your main account to avoid ban risks.

2. I’m not responsible for any bans because I’m just compiling and sharing it, on request.

3. EAC Bypassing is simple, just read the post carefully before proceeding (Don’t get too excited).

4. Extreme injector maybe undetected but I can’t assure you that it’s completely safe, you can give it a try.

5. Don’t use the hack after any minor or major update, just be patient and wait for next version.

6. If you’re confused on how to do bypass EAC using WIN64AST then use EAC Loader by Caliber1942.

7. Don’t go nuts with the hack, use it smartly, all i’m trying to say is that “just don’t make it too obvious that you’re hacking”. Going all crazy with hack draws a lot of attention and players will start reporting you.

8. You need to enable Occlusion to make wallhack work and if doesn’t work after injecting press “F11” and it should work.


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