Paladins: HACKER BANWAVE Announced By HiRez! (Grover Gameplay, Stone Keep)


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  1. I got drop hacked last night… My team all kept getting disconnected with 40 – 60 ping across everyone and we all got dropped about 20 times in a comp (was a duo Q)

  2. I didn't know that all my matches ending prematurely was due to hackers…. I thought it was internet, or bad servers, or a glitch or something.


  3. Of all possible hacks I never would have thought a hack to let you leave a game would be a huge problem

  4. Call them for what they are. They are cheaters.

    Hi-Rez treats cheating as a non-existing problem. They don't even have that option in the report, so it's a good thing they assume that since it is a major problem in every FPS/hero shooter and it isn't any better in Paladins (it isn't any worse either) but it's a problem and it should be addressed.

  5. I could like Hi-Rez to start showing theyr ban-list cause it will make them scare cause you used an aimbot 1-2 times and make 4 new players angry and rage even i dont see that of a much in any game i play making a child who is like 9 years old and wanna chill and have fun start crying and then they could want money for the child being hospitalised or pay for theyr broken thing and its kind of bad thing to make the younger part of the community leave the game and wanting theyr money back eich hi-rez should want cause they are really not a big company so its good thing and yet this was extremely long comment and i know it !

  6. I call bullshit on a ban wave. Is no way to directly say a person is guilty, beyond using statistics. Doing so would get innocent people banned. Or maybe I'm not seeing the bitch feast from exploiters and/or innocent players yet. Never the less, it will be like auto aim hackers. Doing things to influx their numbers so its not so godly looking on statistics. Be better if they figured out a software or hardware way to stop it period.

  7. So I would've had the new Drogoz skin, but I've been drophacked on every cleansweep game. My qualifying record is at 3-5 now Feelsbadman

  8. I actually thought it was a bug and game server problem it happens with me quite often and mostly in competitive matches it's so annoying noobs do these stuff

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