Paladins | How to Get Aim Assist With the Mouse | PC Bug/Exploit


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Paladins | How to Get Aim Assist With the Mouse | PC Bug/Exploitwas extracted from

How to get aim assist with the mouse on Paladins for the PC.
This video was made to raise awareness about a bug/exploit so that more people use and abuse it until the developers finally take notice and fix it.

This does NOT work every time, sometimes it does lock you into 1 input and if that happens simply restart the game and follow the steps in the video again. Also once the developers do decide to patch this it will NEVER work again so use it while it’s hot.

Help raise awareness by sharing the video around to other social media sites like FB, Twitter, and Reddit. If you are a content creator on youtube then feel free to react to this video or use some of the footage or information for your own video but do me a favor and give me a shoutout if you learned about it from me.

However, do not upload this video in its entirety or I will issue a takedown which can result in a strike for your channel.

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  1. I'm not really that great with the mouse, but this aim assist got me feeling like Shroud out here in Paladins 😂😂😂

  2. Hello i have a problem with my mouse in game i can only use right and left button i cant watch left/down/up/right didnt you know why? I tried so many methods nothing work

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