Paladins – Lore Cinematic – “A Realm Divided”


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Enter a fantasy world of ancient technology in Paladins, a team-based shooter with strategy elements and deep character customization. Through a unique collectible card system, players can amplify and augment a character’s core set of abilities to play exactly how they want to play. Paladins is a free-to-play, class-based first person shooter from Hi-Rez Studios. Paladins is currently available on PC and Mac. Learn more at!


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  1. It would be kind of an awesome map as the Paladins Storm the Magistrate's Final Stronghold or Vice versa and The 5 player team would fight alongside the leader of the Paladins/Magistrate No? Would be kind of a great event idea if you ask me

  2. I like this story. neither side is good or evil, but their ideas clash and it turns into a war. all the characters in the game have a side (apart from those who join just to end the war or pick both sides for profit). I'm a Ying main so I'm going to be with the resistance. Oh also what side is Evie on?

  3. Lol why can't they just agree to better monitor the
    crystal magic to try and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands? why does it have to be either completely banning it and only letting the magistrate use it vs completely rebelling so that literally everyone has freedom to use it

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