Paladins PC Update Now Steam Only? New Launcher


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Paladins PC just got an update on Steam and now has gone linked account only and direct launch, I talk about the pros and cons and discuss the change in the patch here. Have been streaming a lot more over here –


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  1. Good, the less smurfs in ranked the better.
    The only valid excuse for smurfing is refer a friend rewards, but that has no place in ranked.

  2. Wow temporarily uninstalled paladins and then tried to reinstall just for me to find this out and paladins has never worked through steam on my pc….nice

  3. I can't see any launcher when I press play on steam it directly starts loading I wanna switch to 32 bit cuz I get more fps there can anyone help me??

  4. i cant go back to 32 bit and now my steam overlay and f12 screenshots dont work still, how do i get back to 32 bit?

  5. Am I the only one who has problems with the new launcher? When I enter the game and login, it just errors and says, "Player Disconnected"

  6. talking about Paladins PC update Joshino's brian: "this would be a good time to use a baity lian pic for thumbnail

  7. please help me,i got in the game and i need to login when i login with the correct password and username,it says steam authentication failed,what i did was uninstall the game and one day i will download it back

  8. Rip Hi-rezFeyRazzle indeed :^) If only I did not already have 3-4 steam accounts made. Nice plays hi-rez, keep it up. In reality this will also boost their numbers on steam showing a jump in players for all the new steam accounts made to smurf. Why do I feel that might also be a good reason this was passed? Either way, great video. Lots of info.

  9. Nice vid josh, koool you do giveaways often and your one of the best paladins YouTubers, I think you should make more of your best moment montage

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