Paladins PS4 Aimbot Cheater Exposed or Not You Decide


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  1. Cheating or Not? You make the call. We're just showing off what I saw in my game here, but don't witch hunt any players please.

  2. its not cheating if we all have and the game creators did it and consoles dont have as good aiming as computers so yeah

  3. i play on both pc and ps4 and i noticed that on ps4. had some1 dominating the match and he was always aiming a little bit above my head and he had no problem to follow me around without losing the point above my head.

  4. I just played a game where a player on our team did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. He had Ruckus and spent the whole game hiding and running away from fights. In the end, he had the best action on the game, and h d more time spent on the objective, and more damage than anyone on the team. ( the other were grover, Tyra, and talus. I believe he cheated. Somehow.

  5. I'm pretty sure aimbotting isn't possible on console, from what I know at least. I'm gonna guess it was just some serious lag. I've seen someone in the comments saying that Grohk has a glitch in his kill cam where he doesn't even look at you but in fact he does. This never happened to me with viktor but has happened plenty of time with grohk, in fact almost every time I die to a grohk this happens. So I'm just gonna say it was like a Grohk glitch.

  6. Well, if the time around 4:45 is what we're supposed to be looking at, there's actually an explanation for it. And it's really stupid. No joke, the killcam doesn't actually register final blows properly. This does happen from time to time, and it's especially evident with Grohk. Hell, look at the footage, it shows that viktor is standing on the payload as he's firing, yet you can't see him on the payload at all right before death. It's an issue with paladins itself.

    Seriously, when you see it with grohk, it's almost unbelievable, if you manage to get POTG with his basic attack in view, it goes all over the damn place.

  7. KSigKid I have had an absolute blast watching we everything you put out. But it pains me to see how your watch count has been decreasing, I know that will change and especially put my interest WAAAAYYY back into your channel because I loved your weapon reviews and whatnot so I am excited to see this for the second destiny. Regardless keep up the great work as such an enjoyable channel!

  8. 'suspicious kill cam' is an understatment :)) It's true that the kill cam in Paladins isn't very accurate but not even something so unreliable… To say the less this is a fooatge worth to be submit to Hi-Rez, no idea how to do it though 🙂 Hope you'll keep posting Paladins content anyway 🙂

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