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Paladins Realm Royale is finally here! Originally dubbed “Paladins Battlegrounds”, HiRez Studios new Free-To-Play Battle Royale game “Realm Royale” is now available to play in a technical alpha version!
In this video I’ll show you some gameplay, explain certain mechanics and talk about release dates for PC, Xbox and PS4 + give my opinion on the game as is.

Incredible Quinton thumbnail courtesy of MasterMRL on Discord!
And yes, I know I missed a legendary helmet on the stairs. I am bad at video games.

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  1. Screw Fortnite this is the first battle royale game since pubg that actually interested in.

  2. And these mother fuckers unlocked all champions something I had to pay for with the founders pack


  3. All they did was mix radical heights with Darwin project an put some Paladins skins on it and threw in a mount. And put a fucking battle pass on the Paladins hero shooter. Just fucking insane. All the money I put into the vip system for nothing

  4. I cannot believe the lvl of dick riding hi Rez has accomplished. I really enjoyed early Paladins but high Rez has totally ruined it. I use to stand up for Paladins when every one was talking shit about it and saying to just play over watch. But because of they are so money hungry they have ruined a game that could have been special. Fuck high Rez !!!!!!!!!

  5. so paladins battleground is gone no more cards and heros just collect guns like other royale games? please answer

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