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Paladins Strike is an action MOBA, based on the Paladins console/PC game. This MOBA has decent gameplay and even more decent graphics, and is developed by Hi-Rez Studios, Inc. Will this game tear you away from . your favorite MOBA? Find out on Tiny Little Games. Please subscribe to support my channel and share on your favorite social media sites. Thanks for watching and enjoy!


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  1. Time to tell the truth about Paladins Strike. Paladins Strike isn't an actually MOBA. It is more an Hero-Shooter just like Overwatch because it has top-down shooting mechanics instead actual MOBA mechanics. Yes Paladins Strike has top-down camera view just like any other MOBA but it is more a Hero-Shooter. It's like Overwatch with characters with their own special abilities, weapons and personalities. The Shooting Mechanics are way to familiar to Supercell's Upcoming Brand New IP Brawl Stars. It has 4 game modes. The first game mode is actually mixed Zone Control and Payload Mode. The second one is Team Death Match. The third one is Mixed War Zone(Domination) and Heist Mode from Brawl Stars and the last one is Rush mode( I think ) and it is a Counter Strike style mode. As a result. Paladins Strike isn't yep another MOBA clone. It is completely a Hero-Shooter. Now my own thoughts: What the Hell? I love it. I love Paladins Strike. It is a shame that it has some lag and glitches sometimes and a little rocky start but it has still potential to be one of the Best Hero Shooters on Mobile. Can't wait for more Future Updates for More Enjoyment.

  2. Not really a MOBA to me, I play the PC version also and I see this game more as a mini mobile version of that game. Less MOBA, more just paladins with a top down view. Which for someone who likes paladins gameplay, having it on my phone is pretty cool.

  3. Did anyone else have troubles getting the game to work bc The game got me stuck in the same match with bots when we would get the payload to the end my game crashes plz help.

  4. Now review Dungeon Hunter Champions. The latest Action MOBA by Gameloft. Finally review Granny. The Horror game of 2018.

  5. I wouldn't call Paladins Strike a moba, It lacks most of the features MOBAs have like lanes, minions,towers,items/talents. it's more like an arena brawler similar to Battlerite(for those who've played that on PC).

    That doesn't mean that it's bad but it will probably get repetitive very quickly. They will need to keep adding content frequently.I don't see myself playing this over Arena of Valor, I might give it a try though.

  6. Ive played paldins fps for the past 2 years and it has always had a moba heavy feel to it. When this was anounced i was all kinds of hyped!! Though its much more unforgiving being on a 2d plain it is just as exciting and strat heavy. Unless your in the noob ranks then powerup and squish some nublets as you climb into the ranks of master that will surely re-assert your status of nublet yourself!

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