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Hey everyone I am Kaius the III. I Stream a variety of games and tend to love the RPG genre. Please look at the description for all rules and games I have completed and will play in the future!

New Schedule! Below I will list my earlier in the day and later in the day schedule! Schedule will change often depending on new games and work :). These will be weekly schedules.

Mornings/Afternoons (This stream will start either in the morning or afternoon, if I do no start by 2pm est time then the stream will not happen)
– Monday (Paragon)
– Tuesday (Dead by Daylight)
– Wedsnesday (Cuphead)
– Thursday (Paragon)
– Friday (Dead by Daylight)
– Saturday (TBD)
– Sunday (TBD)

– Night Stream (Will Genereally start around 7:30pm est time unless work schedules me)
– Monday (No Stream)
– Tuesday (No Stream)
– Wednesday (Ys Oath in Felghana)
– Thursday (Baten Kaitos Origins)
– Friday (Baten Kaitos Origins)
– Saturday (TBD)
– Sunday (No Stream)

Donations are now available and much appreciated!

DIscord now public!

Chat Rules:
– No Racism
– Be polite to others
– Profanity is ok, as long as its not aimed at others in chat
– No Spamming, I will check chat as often as I can depending on the game
– No Posting Links
– No Self Advertising or Advertising Others!
– Do not ask to become a moderator.

Games I plan to stream:
– Dead by Daylight
– Path of Exile
– Grim Dawn
– Divinity Original Sin 1 + 2
– Shadowrun Series
– Overwatch
– Old School Classics
– DnD Online Sessions (Maybe, Future Plans)
– Tabletop Simulator
– Baten Kaitos
– Tales of Legendia
– More to be Determined!

Games I have completed on the channel:
– Earthbound
– Sword Coast Legends
– Broken Sword 1
– Evoland
– Ys Chronicles (Nightmare)
– Ys IV Mask of the Sun
– Tales of Symphonia
– Tales of the Abyss
– Secret of Evermore
– Donkey Kong Country 1-3
– Illusion of Gaia
– Chrono Cross
– Lunar Silver Star Story
– Final Fantasy 6


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