Payday 2 – Basic Voices 4 – Cloaker Sound Troll


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Payday 2 – Basic Voices 4 – Cloaker Sound Trollwas extracted from

No..not that button…Quick Play! Things that are seen in a quick play lobby must never be repeated…What happens in quick play, stays in quick play!

Welcome to the 4th Basic Voices Troll video.

A lot of people commented asking for more Cloaker here we are, my gift to you!

I hope you enjoy the video!

Basic Voices Download:!iFUHBKBD!rjlxK8JuLGo6CzeRmIHoGVDKq8WD8DkCaK_nFiJVaV8

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Music: Kendrick Lamar – Duckworth (Instrumental) (G-Roy Remake) FL Studio 12 –


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  1. Why do people get so mad over these videos? It's not like it's going to ruin a noob's life just because they were tricked into thinking they failed the heist

  2. You know, for the last 2 months or so I've watched your videos and live streams and I have to say that I quite enjoy it! I wish you keep doing what you're doing and never stop. But we can't have anything we want right? I can't end this on a ''deep question of life and shit'' so I guess see ya on the next stream!

  3. Can you show me the basic voices ur using rn?
    Im using a modified old version 1.0 cos its the only one that works with blt 2.0

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