PayDay 2: Death Wish Hacking


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  1. I found out how to hack payday and did it, so far all I have done is a solo jewelry store with a level 14 that asked me to help him out so I spawned a shit ton of bags and got him some loot, we then parted ways and I still play and rank up normally, my cash is affected though

  2. I was doing some hacking using pirates perfection and joining normal jewelry store with like lvl 1s giving them cash and helping them out giving them tips I feel like that made me a good type of hack but I stopped doing that because ppl said they should do it all on there own

  3. I remember the first time i got the game it was taking me forever to level up then i got into a lobby with a group of people like this and i gained a fuck ton of XP and money and i never knew what was going on till after the match had finished because i seen that his level was max and my XP was going up so fast and then i ended up at level 100.

  4. I like nonhackers if I see a hacker I report him instantly but if it's a friendly hacker I don't report him instantly

  5. I myself do use hacks (not all the time) and I always announce it to everyone to make sure they are ok with it. I also most of the time make sure I gain nothing from it

  6. I just love cheaters in this game the ones I found are fun to play with but I don't find many hackers in this game

  7. It isn't bad to cheat if you help others out, it's bad to cheat if you were to ruin other people's experiences.

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