PAYDAY 2 Fun With a Hacker and Gamplay


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Ok, I now what you might be thinking. Ya uh screw this guy for cheating. But I had an Xbox 360 that I had payday for. Played it all the time, and had almost everything. One day I went on and had nothing. So I don’t like hacking or hackers neither do I agree with what they do. But in this case I don’t feel bad for abusing it.


  1. I have mods. Not everyone with mods use them to ruin the game XD I made my own, I use them for unlimited cable ties, I could do way more but what’s the point? Wouldn’t be fun if I did, no need I have 3k hours I’m max lvl with 10b offshore and 6b spending cash. I host lobby’s to take people through stealth missions, add me on steam HillarysSnatch.

  2. You know there's this thing called time lapse you should check it out when you're doing long tedious things on yt videos

  3. Some dickbag got one of my younger friends in trouble… (Friend is 12, I'm 14) His older brother (Who is 19 and bought the game and the PC) played legit and actually had quite a high level and lot's of cash earnt with hard work. Then when my 12 year old friend was playing, a dickbag who uses pre-made hacks that he didn't even make, gave him infinite cash and lvl 100. His brother found out, and like all siblings blamed the younger guy for not leaving. He's now banned from playing on his brothers PC or play any steam games he didn't pay for… Now he's gonna have to wait until he is 18 to play this game or any over 16+ game, or else he's gonna get his ass spanked by his dad

  4. You're actual shit. If you truly almost had everything in the game you would know to aim for headshots, especially on dozers…
    Fucking idiotic hackers thinking they're good.

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