[Payday 2] [Gameplay] Murky Station Deathwish Stealth Solo All Loot No Kills

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Was doing a Pacifist run and all bags (I think) just for the fun of it, to show how it can be done.
1 guard in basement glitches/freezes after a while, reasons unknown.

Just some quick tips:
– You can spot the panels from the top, can be good for spotting duty if you’re bad at stealth.
Train 6 and 7 can only be spotted on the right side (see 00:19 for train 6).
If you only spot 2 or 3 panels, then the other 2 or 1 are on the other side of trains 6 and 7.
I toggled flashlight to show this.
– You can hide under the trains to avoid guards/drones.
– All equipment has a distinct sound; Server equipment (beeping), Keycards (radio), Blowtorch (welding), Thermite (sawing)
– Deliveries board lists where equipment can be found (trainyard or basement, see 02:03)
– Drones have a beeping sound to signify their change of patrol. Lights also signify (red/sleep, blue/alert)
– Bags into water will respawn at the boat. Good for fast moving, unfortunately I got the van escape.
– Basement drains can be used if murkies are left alive.
– Bag the EMP first so you know where to move the loot.
– Ladders are unguarded, it is safe to throw loot down.
– ECMs block train hacking so hack all trains first.
– Pistols and rifles have same value but pistols allow sprinting.
In case you’re rushing with ECM and want some loot.

00:19 – Spotting the panels from the top.
Jumping to check if train 6 has a panel.
Pause and you can see a thin yellow line just above the drone.
00:55 – Train 6 is on the right side, I got this part mixed up.
I deduced train 7 from spotting the other 3.
01:01 – I spotted the server equipment (HDD) from the flashing monitor.
01:37 – You can hide under the trains while waiting for guards/drones to pass.
01:53 – Drone camera beeps that it’s going back to charge/sleep.
Server equipment (beeping)
02:03 – Deliveries board shows equipment location.
06:07 – Keycards (radio)
07:00 – I thought I saw a message to pick up package, I saw wrongly, please ignore this awkward scene.
07:44 – Thermite (sawing)
07:53 – Frozen guard, not sure why yet
08:08 – Blowtorch (welding)
08:57 – Bags won’t trigger lasers
09:55 – Bags dropped into water respawn near boat location (This no longer works)
13:30 – Ladders are safe to drop loot into.
13:48 – Safe spot to hide
14:40 – Bag moving, feel free to skip to next highlight
17:14 – Using of drains.
19:05 – Bag Moving Simulator 2016

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  1. Those 2 bags you left on the stairs… You got lucky the basement murkies didnt patrol there. Ive had it happen, and it cost me the heist

  2. Are you using some kind of mod? How can you see your running energy and when your armour will be back up? Also that 240/240 on guards. Is that hp? How can you see that?

  3. >laugh ass off when he threw a bag into the water
    >reads desc
    >Bags dropped into water respawn near boat location
    you got me
    also this music is catchy
    do you know the name?

  4. found that heist good and fun even a little bit…..easy.

    once you take your time and sliter over to the back area of the map where there is the whiteboard with all the useful text on it telling you were all the equipment is its then only a matter of time and patience.

    I laughed my head off wondering where the bloody hells the keycards
    turn around
    see 3 keycards and a green light with a radio playing that song. 🙂

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