Payday 2 Hack – Download Link in description, NO JAILBREAK!


FileSize: 22 MB

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Payday 2 Hack – Download Link in description, NO JAILBREAK!was extracted from


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  1. I got it too work. just goole red eye pay day 2 game save editor and go to the website. It will have the most updated version. I think you have to sign up, but it works with no virus. I'm also kind of teaching my self around the program. But i cant get attachments in the store. anyone with help on that?

  2. Ok guys I would like if you guys could provide me saves with different regions. I would like to update this editor so everyone could use it without having to use a old save data. Please post the saves in the main thread where my editor is posted on NGU.

  3. I just wish you can make one for the new patch version 1.03 🙁 its so hard to make skills points

  4. To all of viewers, I am currently in the process of finding a new save data, the current link I have put up is out dated, a new video will be coming out soon for the 'NEW SAVE DATA' mod

  5. HELOOOOOOO!!!!!! WHAT DO I DO WHEN IT SAYS "The File Is FUCKING Unexpected!!!!!" HOW CAN I FUCKING FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. +Troy_Frazier There is an updated editor for 1.02, however the video maker did not update the download link. Go on NextGenUpdate and you'll see the updated download link. It's from the official creator, Red-Eye.

  7. Used normal for a couple of weeks, and now is out, was using the same file, dang, by the way got 100,chers mate…. The file has an unexpected version.

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