PAYDAY 2 HACKERS EXPOSED (Modders Ruining the Game)


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  1. it seems like your ruining the fun for modders by reporting them, if they play by themselves who cares, and if they go online, WHO CARES? if anything they are doing those people a favor by giving them some extra cash to use

  2. he's hacking not modding, a mod is like wolfhud a hack is pirate perfection, and most people use it who don't have time to grind for hours to get good stuff

  3. Woah listen people mod in payday 2 because it's fucking fun no need to be an asshole because people are modding so what it's what they want man. Just leave it

  4. never stop hacking hackers we never gone stop, you cry just becous you have see noobs hackers. that just instand win. that ar noob hacker you dont know the epic hackers like me

  5. who the fuck cares? do YOU honestly have that much of an unhealthy obsession to go out and make a video about a few people who cheated in a game to make sure they get reported? do you really care that much? they must be ruining your life mate <3

  6. i hate hackers in payday 2 its ridiculous. thank goodness they recently added a feature to use remove offshore. i had 18 billion offshore thanks to these yanks

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