Payday 2 How-To: Unlock all Weapon Skins for free


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Payday 2 How-To: Unlock all Weapon Skins for freewas extracted from


    AK/ Vlads Rodina
    Vulcan Minigun/ The Gimp
    Akimbo Crosskills/ Santa's Slayers
    M308/ Plush Phoenix
    Deagle/ Midas Touch
    Bootleg Rifle/ Mars Ultor
    KSP 58/ Hungry Wolf
    HRL-7/ Green Grin
    Flamethrower/ Dragon Lord
    Platypus 70/ Don Pastrami
    AMR-16/ Astatoz
    Locomotive 12G/ Demon
    Reinfeld 880/ Big Kahuna
    Breaker 12G/ Apex
    The Judge/ Anarcho
    Kobus 90/ Alamo Dallas
    Raven/ Admiral

    Skins that >>>DO NOT<<< mark you as cheater:
    Akimbo Krinkov/ Assassin
    Gruber Kurz/ City of Gold
    Bronco .44/ El Torro Furioso
    Little Friend 7.62/ Mansion Mauler
    Akimbo Castigo .44/ Monterrey
    Kobus 90/ Oil Spill
    Crosskill/ Big Time Operator
    and literally every other skin in the game

  2. I mean that if I use a legendary skin they mark me as a cheater and if I use other skins, they will not mark me.

  3. i read your reply on haider's comment but im still abit cofused, can you compile a list of legendary that wont mark me as cheater?

  4. thank you soo fucking much man i love you dude holy shit i freaked out i thought it was just a shitty hack that i will delete immediatly…dude thank you soo much man im soo happy right now i even got adrenaline just tried it in games

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