PayDay 2 – PC vs. PS4 & Xbox One Crimewave Edition Graphics Comparison [60fps][FullHD]


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  1. love it how the PS4 is more powerful than my PC yet I'm playing at ultra in 60fps at 1080p with no frame drops. Gotta love console ports 🙂

    (Payday on all consoles runs at 30)

  2. This game has to have been ported to PS4/Xbox One poorly. There's no way they aren't running at max PC settings, or even 60fps. This is a 2013 game with linear levels and very little detail even with max settings in many places. The fact that it feels like, on PS4, it's locked at 24fps is in no way at all possible. If Call of Duty looks 3x better and runs at 60fps on consoles, there's a problem.

  3. As a console player, i can confirm that the fps is horrible and i can't tell the difference between 30 fps and 60 fps

  4. Everyone who wants get payday 2 on a console is to get the ps4
    Go get an xbox one they look way better but its better to buy it on pc lol

  5. Everyone just get the fuck up who cares about little differences all of them look the same from far distances ?????

  6. WTF my old laptop can run this game on 1080p 60 fps with a gtx675m (0.93 teraflops) how the hell is this game 30 fps on console!

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