Payday 2 XP glitch offline for ps3/xbox360 (not patched)


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Payday 2 XP glitch offline for ps3/xbox360 (not patched)was extracted from

A quick tutorial on how too level up using the XP glitch on the Rats job day 3. Should take you under 1 minute to gain 100500 XP each time you use this glitch.

This only works for ps3/xbox360. Does not work for ps4 or xbox one. Im not sure if this works for the pc version.

1) Go to OFFLINE Crime Net.
2) Look for a Rats Overkill job. It MUST NOT be a Pro Job. If you can’t find one, you’ll need to buy it, hence the ,250,000.
3) Play through the first two days as normal. Just rush, aka blow the lab ASAP on day 1 and let them destroy the intel/ drill the safe on day 2. Don’t worry about investing in skills to speed it up, you’ll see why in a minute.
4) On day 3, kill all the enemies in the bus. Now the next bit is important. Go to the helicopter. The moment you step inside the circle, hit pause, then restart game. The day will restart, you should hear the normal post heist noises and dialogue. If you hold down select your xp should have gone up, and you’ll see the cash when you’re done.
5) If you mess up and finish the heist, or you want to stop to carry on later, you’ll need to do steps 1-4 again including the buy-in.

* note * i am not the founder of this glitch so do not take any credit for it. I made this video because there aren’t any videos on how to do this glitch on YouTube.

** This does not work on next gen console (ps4 and xbox one). I tried to do this on my ps4 and it corrupted my game data. I had to restart everything! So please do not try this on next gen consoles! I take no responsibility if you want to be a dumbass and try it. You’ve been warned! **


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  1. I even managed to optimize this method:
    – use second strongest armor and bring 2 sentry guns with you
    – put the first sentry gun on top of the left police car in front of you
    – put the second in the bus and you can directly return to the starting point, sentry will kill the mendozas
    – my best run was 38 seconds, I found this video when I was on level 70, 3.5 hours later I reached level 100

  2. Still works and if your doing the framing frame do the same and it will give you tons of cash if you get all the money and gold to begin with, easy

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