PCSX2 – Kingdom Hearts 2 (Running on the Alienware M11x R3)

Filename: kingdomheartshackspcsx2.zip

FileSize: 26 MB

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  1. I'm not sure if this might be convenient, but can anyone help me set up PCSX2 on my Alienware 14? No matter what I do, I keep getting 50 fps on Ace Combat 5. Is it just the game, maybe?

  2. It also depends on what game you are playing. Kingdom hearts games are fairly light while games likes Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter are unplayably slow.

  3. Its still pretty impressive. The i5 is clocked very low and the gpu isnt that powerful.

    Although a new version of PCSX2 has been released since I made this video so it will run even better now.

  4. Sounds like it would work, but keep in mind some games play worse than others. Im just lucky that the few games I like to play run well. Games like shadow of the collosus run slooow.

  5. So, would this work just as well on the m11x r2? It's got the core i7, 8gb RAM, and the gt335m. I tried it with Manhunt the other day and it was slow like a turtle in molasses underwater.

  6. Ok, thx. It worked. Even better than I expected actually. Its on 120fps If I dont config It to slow down the game to sincronize with the sound. This slider is rly amazing. And It says at the PCSX2 itself "Not recommended", "Can cause compatibility side effects". Didnt c any so far. Thx again.

  7. Oh btw I also use the highest direct X for the video plugin. You can turn off texture filtering too but is doesnt really give much of a performance boost and it makes textures ugly so its not worth it.

  8. Thanks. Gonna try. Was playing smoothly before format my PC, but forgot to save the info about the configs I was using and I just cant find any other that work as good as the previous one.

  9. All bios files work just the same for me. I just set speed hacks to the max (Using the slider) and in the audio plugin I set everything to the fastest and disabled reverb.

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