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  1. Am I the only one who thinks 32k bloodpoints isn’t that much for killer? Like even without bbq & chili that’s still not that much

  2. Hey true, try using old freddy like Otzdarva (in his other channel) describes in "RIP Old Freddy". Monitor, rancor, tremors + range and fewer skill checks.


    More people I see are starting to understand that Freddy can be good
    lol the sound Freddy makes when the pallet is dropped down on him

  4. Played 7 killer games today. All with ruin and huntress lullaby. Each time both totems went down within the first minute of the game. Whats the point of hex perks at this point.

  5. Oof guess that stupid comment he was reading was not a donation, ugh reminded me of Mrs. Violence but maybe it was in the heat of the game I guess.

  6. Is it me or has Tru3 moved away from saying his "catch phrase" when ever a prime happens or am I just missing them!

  7. I'm making a statement and feel free to tastefully disagree. All ruin perks with the exception of NOED are low tier since they can be destroyed early or ignored with appropriate skill (Hex)
    Edit: I'm apparently dyslexic, I meant Hex perks and (Ruin)

  8. True has been increasinly more salty and toxic as time goes on. Dude, play a different game to chill or something if you need to

  9. I love how that meg think she’s the shit for stunning and vault a window then get caught with the most stupid juke you can do against a good killer hide in a locker in mid chase 🤣🤣

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