[PES 2015] Patch PTE 8 : Download and Install on PC

Filename: downloadpatch.exe

FileSize: 24 MB

Free downloadpatch is ready for download

[PES 2015] Patch PTE 8 : Download and Install on PCwas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15724


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  1. hi dear …
    the links doesn't want to run .. I think there is a trouble while the page are loading … I need help .

  2. Hi. I use this patch, and it is great. Do you have patch for Bosnian Premier Liga for Pes 2015. If you dont have, have you plan to make it or not. Grettings from Bosnia. :)

  3. after i installed the patch,the game is no longer working ?, please help

  4. i already install pte 8.4 b4 i install pte 8. can i still install pte 8 after already install pte 8.4?

  5. plz give 3dm crack link once again… zippyshare link was not available and others link did not work… I am from Bangladesh and I dont have knowledge over others language except Bengali and English… Other link is not in English so I cant understand hoe to download the 3dm crack … @ DEL CHOC

  6. Thank you so much bro, I just followed all of your steps, and now it works like a charm!! :)) Thank you!

  7. my quick heal security blocking the pes2015.exe file before extracting..what should i do brother?

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