Planet Coaster – Alpha 1 Gameplay, Coaster Cam, Modular Building


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  1. Isn't Chief Beef a porn website…

    I checked, Chief Beef is most assuredly a porn website. Maybe they should rename that so kids don't try and go there.

  2. At 16:12 Control + D The D actually means duplicate. In many programs it is the same control. As Control + C means Copy and after that you can paste

  3. Flabaliki, love your videos for the roller coaster games. Do you know if the developers will allow you control over the roller coaster elements (loops, corkscrews, cobra rolls, and the rest) in their size and possibly modify their shape? It's my hopes that I will be able to enter or exit say, a loop, at a 60 degree angle. Or enter or exit a corkscrew seamlessly into or from a banked curve.

  4. I have a question that I am hoping you can answer. Will there be restaurants, like sit down type places, in this game?

  5. Do you know if they have plans, if any, to implement carnival prize games like ring toss and throwing a baseball at a stack of bottles? I have yet to see those in a rollercoaster game.

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