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  1. I really like the "game" building. I wish the real game will have little games like basketball, ring toss, etc. in it. I've mentioned it to the devs, not sure they read it. it would be a really good ,realistic thing to put in the final game.

  2. Hey prestige, a Q:
    when i place a really big object in my rct3 game (i am having it about the "Revolution" building from the bobbejaanlandrevolutionfans site) my game crashes, and it happens all the time! i have a strong computer so it could handle it!

  3. Your making great progress for it just to be beta but i been craving these videos keep up the good work

  4. I've seen others create amazing architecture with stores but you're the first I've seen to include a gaming area! So creative!! 👍👍👍

  5. i dont have a twitter, so i cant follow you, but i do check up on your twitter to see when an episode is going to release

  6. They should put games like that in the full game, i think i would be brilliant 😀 u could actually have people go in to your game area then. 🙂

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