Planet Coaster College – Free Fly/Free Swing Coaster Tutorial


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  1. Why do we need to add catwalks along the breaks and block breaks? Is it just for aesthetics / real world similarity, or does it have an effect on gameplay?

  2. Thanks for doing these videos. Really helpful for learning how to get started with the different coaster types. Thanks Silvarret!

  3. Silv! I'd really love a PC College vid on the Torque launched coaster? It would be super helpful, thanks!

  4. I could see one of these in a Universal park either themed to Harry Potter or replacing IoA's Pterodon Flyers. idk, this concept has as much potential as it has limitations…also no POV :(

  5. I've used these in game and never even realized the carts swing XD So thanks for the video, I definitely learned something new! Now I want to try and build a ton and see how I can use that :)

  6. Anyone know where the only one of these in the world are? I thought it might've been in Dollywood in Gatlinburg Tennessee, but I could be mistaken.

  7. don't have planet coaster, so watching tutorials is pretty pointless. still come for the content anyway. plus you can learn about roller coasters themselves too

  8. Thanks Silv, any chance of a launch coaster tutorial next?
    I've seen some crazy ones that I just can't figure out.

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