Planet Coaster: First Look with Flabaliki!


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  1. THAT IS SO COOL! I wasn't expecting you two to collab, I've been watching Flabs for a long time. Awesome that you two are friends ^^ Maybe expose the channel a bit more eh?

  2. This is one of those games that takes all your free time, makes you ignore work, spouse and kids.
    Worse than gambling or crack.

  3. Pretty stoked to see you playing Planet Coaster FP. Love your Cities: Skylines videos and was really hoping to see you play Planet Coaster. Its amazing!

  4. Great collab man, love +Flabaliki 's videos. James is a great builder and streamer, he's really good interacting with the chat etc. Cant wait to see some more Planet Coaster vids from you Fresh, I played the Alpha but not the Beta and I really enjoyed this game its right up my ally. Just need to persuade my fiancé (The boss) to let us buy the full game hehe. Thanks again for the twitter comment as well, it made my day to see your name pop up on my phone! have a good day buddy

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