Planet Coaster Gameplay – First Looks with Producer Richard Newbold


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  1. They show us the most pointless stuff in the gameplay, this doesn't sell me, show me some roller coaster building

  2. The guest are more exciting to watch in RCT3 and the groups of guests did not walk together like there all glued together. until they fix this I will just stick with RCT3. The guest in the first Planet Coaster Trailer were more excited then they are in the Alpha. In the Alpha the guest walk to slow and act like there bored. They need Chris Sawyer's help.

  3. I keep reading Planet Coestar. And still imagine it as a theme park but with a big Coe head on the gate smiling big with eyes going in circles like a creepy doll.

  4. the alpha looks decent thus far, the path features look to be inspired by sim city which I'm liking and the rides you've created look polished decently. The game play so far sounds very similar to Roller Coaster Tycoon and I'm happy there is an iteration being developed for this generation but I do hope there is some further innovation to the genre, things like making vertical building more fluid or the like.

  5. this actually looks really fun, can see it as one of those stress relief games that sucks up your whole day haha. Looking good for an alpha build

  6. Looks great, they seem to focus on creative freedom which is good! can't wait to see more content. I don't think this video does it justice but maybe that's because I'm imagining all the things I want to do rather than what you did XD

  7. I'm expecting this to be an improved version of RCT3. Looks like a lot of fun so far, but there still seems to be a lot of work to be done.

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