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  1. RCT on the past was really good, but now it's just a mess, Planet Coaster bring us a new generation of simulation.

  2. Ik takes sooooo long to download on steam
    I bought it i thought it would be done in 1 houre then it said it would be ready in 2days then its said 4houres and now it says 6houres…. WHAT IS IT!!

  3. Hey guys, we make fan trailers of video games. Check it out and drop a sub if you are interested and have an awesome day! :)

  4. Its such a shame that this game is not playable for everyone as it needs a insane requierement of system capacity! I just bought the game, and sadly im not allowed to play it! This is something that frontier developers has to keep in mind, and for sure theyre not doing it.

    I can play it, but it is so bad in graphics. This is for rich people not everyone.

  5. Rct3 was the best. It had EVERYTHING. I don't know why some people hate it. The water is stunning, the terrain formation is a piece of cake, there were so many different types of coasters! And the scenery! There's just too many! It's amazing! They even have more than 6 different genres. There are so many flatrides,so many features, too many props(super positive about that) The peeps walk in groups too, which is cool. And you can even build your own zoo!!!! We don't need any Zoo tycoon no more! Swimming pools! Slides! Lifeguards! So many! Killing peeps! Crashing coasters! Putting Flame particals! WOW!

    In my opinion, Rct3 is one of the most impressive game I have ever played. The fact that so many people hate it, I have no idea how. The trees are beautiful, There are so many settings, riding the rides are very smooth even though it's a 10 year old game! And the flatrides are based on the genres!

    I love Rct3. Buy that game. It's only $20. Get it or you'll regret it. That game… truly amazing.

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