Planet Coaster: Mystic Mountain – Map Creation and Entrance (Ep. 1)


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  1. Planet BY FAR has the best community of any other game. If you look on the forums everyone's SUPER supportive of each other, and also in comments of Planet Coaster Video's. They all want to help!

  2. I just bought the game but I have no idea how you got all the custom blueprints like walls, rocks, roofs, etc into the game?

  3. Any chance you can release the landscape? My attempt at recreating a mountain world was very… lumpy. Your terrain seem very even yet has great detail… ravines, water, etc. New to the game too, love your videos… watched them all!

  4. I've only started looking at this game and been watching people play it this morning. It's downloading now.

  5. I simply love this game… Only thing I miss is furniture like tables and the interaction of sims with that… But I am gonna follow your build… subscriber gained.

  6. This game is phenomenal! It's more than i ever could have imagined for a rollercoaster game. I love it and it's actually worth far more than what their selling it for. Frontier did amazing

  7. The canopy looks amazing but i think you could make it look even better by add vines and/or other plants growing up the walls. i also hope you put some water rides in the park (like 2 or 3)

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