Planet Coaster: Mystic Mountain – Medieval Town and Aeronautics Ride (Ep. 4)


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  1. The ride selection is thin, but I believe the developers will be adding more in future updates, love your videos.

  2. Add more windows and doors. You wouldn't be able to see in the building and they just look empty, with all those big, blank walls

  3. Wow, looks really cool!
    When you're doing something other than architectural building, real time video would be nice. Like if you're talking about where something is going, planning something, or building a coaster. And of course if you ever plan to play the simulation.

  4. If you click the sun/moon icon it brings up a little panel that lets you type in a time and a check box to set it to that time.

  5. Hey fresh, i don't remember if sandbox gives you use of all the rides regardless but the youtubers I've watched all have to research more rides before using them.

  6. I would change the ride name to Montgolfier in honor of the first hot air balloon flight by the Montgolfier brothers.

  7. Congrats on not losing your mind with the crazy angles in the medieval town! I would not have been able to do it.

  8. The ride color i think need to change … dark something and orange/yellow so in the night looks even better

  9. Awesome series Freshpopcorn! I cant wait to try the game myself. I will definitely be taking design tips from you as i have with your Cities: Skylines builds!

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