Planet Coaster Orchestral Theme Song (unofficial, free song download)


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  1. Well sasha, with 107 likes and no dislikes it's clear to see what a masterpiece you have made. Such a shame it didn't make it to the game. Beautiful work and you've earned yourself a subscriber. Do you mind if I use this in a few of my own videos in the future? Without a doubt I would credit you and put a link to your channel if you'd like? Perfect. Love it.

  2. Should easily be on the soundtrack and should be implemented into the game!!!
    Like maybe used for build mode – this will get me hyped up to be creative!!
    Amazing work, dude!! 😀

  3. Hey there. I used this great musik in my video for some backround musik, and i got a message that it was copyrighted musik. Even if you said at Planet Coasters forum that it was free to use it in an video? Can i use it then if i put the link in the description to your video then? I would love an answer =)

  4. Please show this to the folks developing Planet Coaster and see if they can implement this into the game in some form!

  5. You've just earned yourself a sub! Fantastic composition and arrangement, would you be able to list your software and plugins? You have a very bright timbre, much like the original.

  6. IMPORTANT EDIT: I've seen the royalty-use on your website now, but I'll leave this comment incase anyone else is searching for this answer. Apologies for wasting your time! To clarify for anyone wondering here are the key excerpts:

    "A non-monetized Lets play video of your favorite game"

    "This private use is free of charge, as long as / originator is named in the project or when posting on a website or video in the description "" and title."

    You can find it here:


    This is absolutely spectacular! I would love to be able to use this in a video of mine, I have been doing timelapses on another channel (I keep this separate) and this music would be lovely to use in the background. So I'm wondering if I have your permission to use this, it of course being credited in the description in this manner:

    Music –

    Planet Coaster Orchestral Theme Song (unofficial) – Gemafreie Musik von Sascha Ende

    And I would of course love to mention it in the video and send people your way to listen to it alone, it's quite wonderful. Not that you'd see much exposure, but it's the thought that counts no?

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