Planetary Annihilation Gameplay – #280 Game 3 KotP #4 Matiz vs Godde


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  1. the way he went land to build eco for air was strong. Nonetheless, naval is
    pretty strong against air, if I knew he was wholeheartedly air I would have
    used air to build naval near main metal (as well as the air that collected
    mexes) and went heavy naval and heavy anti air naval and anti air fighters
    and, even if I went t2 air first just for fighters, would have went t2
    naval for stingrays to thin out air (longrange AA)

    I think around 11, he says no stingers equivalent in naval, but I thought
    narwhals were pretty effective antiair for naval. Just aren’t stinger

  2. definitively nice mapchoice … very intresting match to watch though i can
    understand people for not liking it that much because of navals slower pace
    and slugishness but nontheless it quite shows how the players have to adapt
    to the environment they play with … which in my opinion is more
    intresting to watch than matches between players with thoroughly trained
    buildorders on the same handcrafted maps …
    as for future matches, especialy for tournaments, i personaly realy would
    like to see
    planets and hopefully systems were the whole range of the unitpool comes
    into use …

  3. matize played a very good game right from the start that was very effective
    nice game, I wouldn’t mind some more of naval gameplay

  4. Its really nice to see maps that make navy and entirely viable use. I
    always felt the nature of most maps and the way they were made really
    limited the use of navy.

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