Planetary Annihilation – Having a Good Match | 4 Players FFA [Alpha/Part 2]


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  1. Whats your PC specs? you seem to have a bit of fps problems now and again
    but it’s probably just the scale of the battle dropping the fps.

  2. Not to mention your “win” came after he had disconnected. At least when you
    started facing black you sent a hornet scouting party in, but then
    continued to spam bombers rather than sending them in in unison. I can
    appreciate your strategy in the alpha, however there are much better
    players out there. Mushroom/Custard/ZaphodX are all certainly higher
    caliber than your ultra defensive turtle strategy. I actually like your
    videos, but it’s certainly a misnomer calling yourself a “Pro”.

  3. The thing that makes you seem like a newb is that you stream units rather
    than bundle your offensives, both your assault on orange and first
    offensive against black. You also send T2 bombers in to die without
    scouting with Firefly’s/Hornets to clear the airspace for your bombing run.
    Your defensive line is fantastic however will prove less effective when/if
    they nerf wall primary targeting. I think it’s a huge stretch calling
    yourself a “Pro-player”. But I am just watching objectively.

  4. No man,I was lucky I build defense.Why defensive type of playing=noob
    playing? it’s just a way of playing,in late game we make the offensive
    units.Deal with it!

  5. Love your videos of this game, now… i wish i had 70$, (the galactic
    edition is cheaper now)

  6. I think you could have been making alot more stuff than you did it looked
    like you were just sitting on a bunch of resources for alot of the game

  7. Great Defense massive long battle too 1 whole hour of nothing but Defense
    2nd hour defense and offense push great stuff Orange was a bully 😀

  8. Good to see I’m not the only one with this playstyle 😛 Can’t wait to play
    this game for myself when the price drops.

  9. You actually aren’t that good, you should had made earlier more land units
    and destroy the it base, you are just lucky they were bad to

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