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  1. Anyone knowledgeable about maths or programming here? How did they manage
    to map the rectangular bases of the buildings on a sphere while maintaining
    a consistent square grid? Mathematically that should be impossible, yet
    gameplay videos seem to confirm they actually did it…

  2. I dont care about the price. But an update would be fine. You know, this
    cannon that can shoot units through space is really needed. Otherwise it is
    nearly impossible to invade a lockeddown planet. Unless you have 100
    Astreus ^^

  3. But in the moment there are no asteroits right?
    In the moment you can only move moons?
    And how i can fire robots from a planet to another?

  4. Anybody remember the original TA successor, Supreme Commander? Shame my
    computer Blue Screen’s if I try going multiplayer. really should get
    something else eventually.

  5. I can’t get more than 10fps using a Radeon 5870… :/

    Game is seriously unoptimized! Perfectly good waste of 40 bucks..

  6. What the hell is this…
    What happened to awesome supreme commander 1 graphic design????

  7. I wished the game actually looked and acted like this. It probably will in
    a future update though. Thanks for all you’ve done so far.

  8. The visuals remind me of Spore a little bit… I always wanted the space
    stage of that game to be more strategic

  9. Check out *Planetary Annihilation*: it’s a next generation #RTS (Real Time
    Strategy game) that brings “Total Annihilation”-inspired gameplay to an
    epic planetary scale! — #Kickstarter project page:

    BTW, I start to see a tendency here: recently, I’ve been much more excited
    by video-game projects presented on Kickstarter than by any major
    title announcements. Is crowd funding the only home left for ambitious

    *The age of Publishers has long passed… Go Developers!*

  10. *Planetary Annihilation – A Next Generation RTS*

    It was a Kickstarter project and it s planned to work under Windows, Mac OS
    and Linux:

    *Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players
    in a way that’s never been seen before.*


  11. Remember +Total Annihilation? Get ready for *Planetary Annihilation!*
    This is so frakin’ awesome, it has everything you would want in a RTS game.
    And, it’s a +Kickstarter project! So let’s help make this game a reality!
    28 days to go and with only 537 142 dollars left to collect.

    Pledge $20 bucks or more to get a copy of the game.

  12. This looks like fun! TA was a great game, this seems like a game i’d play
    for quite some time. Lots more going on than tap tap tap.. wait wait wait
    wait wait.

  13. Just saw this on Early Access and it’s looking pretty freaking awesome

    #gaming #rts #planetaryannihilation 

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