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  1. Awesome tut, but the one thing… the one thing that makes me gripe is the
    fact that you called this totally randomly generation system the ‘solar
    system’. The ‘solar system’ refers to the system with our star, the Sun or
    Sol. Just a small thing that got me… but i’m incredibly picky about
    things like that. Sorry. 

  2. Feels great that I backed this game. Great tutorial outlining the basics,
    but the best part is I played some Spring back in my day so I do know a
    good outline of the game mechanics already. Still, getting used to some of
    the UI and other new gameplay mechanics of Planetary Annihilation is needed
    for me to play well.
    It all looks swell and dandy, but sadly I am a bit busy and have a game
    backlog. Anyway, very good job on making this nice tutorial video, and I
    might just load up Spring again to get up my RTS skills up to speed after
    long years of dormancy, if possible. That, or play Dota 2 which is also a
    good game.

  3. Looks like the core game is turning out just how we had hoped 😀
    Now we just have to wait and see how the Galactic War (or whatever it was
    called) sandbox campaign is going to turn out.
    I’m a big fan of giant sandbox strategy games, so that’s inevitably going
    to be the main thing I spend my time on in this game, so I hope it’s got
    some nice complexity and strategy to it so that this game can remain
    entertaining to me for years to come.

  4. When you first pronounced “Annihilation”, you very briefly channelled the
    spirit of Christopher Walken. You also sound thrilled. This game looks like
    soooo much fun! 

  5. Please tell me those walls aren’t final, and that they will act as towers
    with generated wall pieces in between…

  6. The narrator sounds like he can’t decide if he wants to do a Christopher
    Walken impersonation or not.

  7. Great game already, good tutorial 🙂
    But why do americans always insist on asking questions to which there can
    be no answer from the viewer, such as “what is up?”.
    Well, brad. I just woke up, thank you for asking, i’ve got a bit of a nose
    ache, i think i might have some nose blood.

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