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  1. Why do people think that having AIM ASSIST is okay? On PC it's either you land your shots or you miss, so you're punished hard for missing risky shots. That is why shotguns are so OP – just shoot close to the body at close range and aim assist will finish your work for you. Same thing with hand cannons and scout rifles – if just feels disgusting watching people shoot like crazy, miss all of their shots(maybe 1 or 2 should land) and get a kill.

  2. Very interesting. Sounds like a lot of work to optimise the game play. Then when you add the amount of lag to the equation, none of it matters. Bungie your game is so broke. Will you ever amend the problem?

  3. Does range/aim assist have any affect on bullet magnetism for snipers, like if i quickly took a shot and barely missed the head, is it possible for that shot to register as a headshot?

    the assumption that this is what aim assist does, is flooding the feedback forum in complaints to nerf sniper rifles

  4. So this guy is responsible for pvp sucking ass, and being completely unbalanced. This guys a joke. Aim assist is garbage.

  5. So this guy is responsible for pvp sucking ass, and being completely unbalanced. This guys a joke. Aim assist is garbage.

  6. Stats on these guns are arbitrary as long as you keep playing this "flavor of the month" weapons game, Mr. Weisnewski. Stop listening to these nerf herders in the forums, and perpetuating a one to two weapon game.

    Fix the Auto Rifles, fix the Fusion Rifles and fix the Hand Cannons, and give us better maps. The Hand Cannons are completely inconsistent; you cannot have a slow firing weapon, with severely cut range that takes several seconds to actually make your bullet go where the reticle is pointing. the same goes for Auto Rifles: Too many bullets to get a kill at too short of a range. there's no point to committing with an Auto Rifle, if you're not getting a guaranteed kill, especially with the cramped maps and shotguns.

    Speaking of shotguns, you literally took away the skilled option for combating Shotguns. You absolutely butchered Fusion Rifles, alongside Auto Rifles, while simultaneously sending Hand Cannons and Shotguns through the roof, and you wonder why people are gravitating towards those weapons.

  7. I guess Auto-Rifles need not apply to this, along with pulse rifles, since the delay between shots is so high for pulse.

  8. Not to sound like a know-it-all, but the cone-bloom and damage fall off mechanics were pretty obvious. The only thing I wasn't initially aware of was that aim assist is incorporated into range. This explains why it's so hard to no scope up close – the aim assist value is significant at long ranges and minimal at close range. It's also good to know that even if a perk doesn't move the range bar up, such as a scope that gives better "target acquisition", it's still improving a piece of the range stat behind the scenes. Although I inferred that target-acq was related to aim assist, the lack of a representative stat made it hard to quantify improvement (you would have to do testing).

  9. when you know that everyone uses one weapon and loves it and makes it fun for us. why would you, because you believe it would be better that way, change the stat to where you can't even use the damn thing. i barely play pvp, because of the complete unbalanced game play. then all of a sudden my most cherished auto rifle (atheon's epilogue) becomes completely useless for the purpose of even a raid. also why make special and heavy elemental and completely ignore primaries? even that makes no sort of sense what so ever. it seems you made a game for the masses for yourselves. yet I'm the sucker who continues to play it but starting to get bored of it.

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