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  1. What if ur internet sucks , bc I got windows 10 on my Mac book pro 13 inch and pub g runs but crashes 3-4 minutes so do I need a cooling fan and if so what one do I need?

  2. So… I'm not sure I fully understand? Let's say I want to play the full first season of the new Hitman game, I would first have to spend 50+ dollars on to get access to the game on a platform like Steam. Then I would pay GeForce 25 dollars to install the game on their cloud service, so I could run it on my Macbook Air? But only for 20 hours? And now let's say i'm not a great gamer (which is not a stretch), and I need additional time to complete the game, I would then have to spend an additional 25 dollars – making the total cost of playing one game about 100 dollars?

  3. We should NEVER support any of these streaming services. They are really pushing this, so they can eliminate any competition in pricing, and have you pay monthly.

  4. This service is only for trying your games at max settings and seeing if it's worth buying the extra hardware, or playing some game on a lan party when your computer/laptop can't handle it.

  5. I don't like this cloud trend in general and that does not stop at gaming. I would like to play The Last of Us and other high rated PS and Xbox exclusive titles and would even pay for a months for service. But Sony is so stupid and took a way to long time to bring PS Now to PC while its actually running on SmartTVs (with way less power then a PC obviously) but even now that its PC ready, not in germany. Well enough great games on PC to play so not so important but still that would be good use.

    I never tried streaming, they claim there is no lag but I bet there is, i mean it need to be streamed. Like you notice the difference between 30 and 60 fps I bet it is indeed noticable that you are actually playing on the cloud and not on your hardware.

    Actually I would never pay this prices. PS Now has a subscription model for like 15 bucks a month. WTF are they thinking? Will rich apple kids pay this? I mean true gamers have their own rigs. Makes no sense to me.

  6. Most gamers probably game 10-12 hours a week.
    For 12 hours gtx 1060 power:
    12*1,25=15 dollars a week.
    15*4 = 60 dollars a month
    60*12= 720 dollars a year.

    Since you have to provide screen, peripherals, OS and games in addition regardless if you choose to use this service, or get your own PC, we can say that this service will cost 720 dollars for a fond, but not necessarily enthusiast gamer, that games on average, 1 hour 43 minutes every day. For 720 dollars, you could build a rig with an i5 and a 1060. Also, if you get your own PC , you can use it for as long as you want, and do other things on it such as schoolwork and video editing. In this case, or any other case where you want to game for 12 hours a week or more, you are defenitely better of buying your own PC.

    If you're a more casual gamer however, you probably only game for 6 or 3 hours a week.
    6*1,25 = 7,5 dollars a week for 6 hours, or 3,75 dollars for 3 hours.
    7,5*4= 30 dollars a month for 6 hours, or 15 dollars for 3 hours a week.
    30*12 = 360 dollars a year for 6 hours a week, or 180 dollars a year for 3 hours a week.
    If you only game 6 hours a week, like only during the week ends and holidays for example, this may be a viable option, but in 2 years time, you will have spent as much money as a similar performance and price rig will have cost you. However, you would probably have to upgrade that rig every generation, or every two years to get the same performance, so the value is debatable. Again though, you would probably want your own rig still, see my arguments for this in paragraph above.

    Finally, if you only game 3 hours a week, or like, only a bit on the week ends and holidays, this makes sense, as you would have to keep your rig for 4 years in order for it to be equally cost effective. That rig would however, be providing you significantly less performance compared to the Nvidia service, atleast in the 3rd and 4th year when Nvidia will have upgraded their servers to a new generation worth of performance.

    In the end, this service only makes sense if you are a very casual gamer, but in that case, you probably don't need this much performance anyways, and could probably do with just putting a GPU in your old desktop, or buying a 1050 performance edition if they release one. As for the 1080 edition, it really doesn't make sense since you would at the end of a year, already have paid 1300-1620 dollars if you game 12-15 hours a week, which is already the cost of a 1080 and i5 rig, as well as all the arguments for a private PC.

    I can only see this being successful if Nvidia lower their prices significantly. They should probably also a 1050 performance edition for like 0,25 dollars an hour, if they wanted to appeal to the gaming community that don't play games which require a 1060, such as CS:GO, LoL and Dota 2.

  7. i can see instances when people might use it but it is very limited situations
    for normal daily home use no doubt you are better off buying a pc and not paying
    hour or daily fees for gaming even more people who can't afford decent pc for gaming certainty wont be able to afford this kind of service for long period of time. so for who this service is good for?
    1) people with money (but that not enough to make them buy the service)
    2) people on the go, if you sometimes on the go it might be much better option then decent gaming "mobile" pc assuming it works well enough and as it was shown it more oriented for ultrabooks then some desktop.
    3) people who seldom play game yet don't want to invest to much money on a machine.
    now it is a good concept assuming it works well but the price might be to high
    and it is pretty hard to estimate the market size for this.

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