Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Tips Ep. 5 – Aiming – Being a Potato is Normal


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  1. I usually take out squads that have rifles with the pistols I have.

    I still didn't see you mention making proper use of the cover in this game.

  2. the aiming in this game is a joke -_- your character lags behind your turning and the amount of sway when you do move cursor while aiming is insane. Such a dumb system sorry

  3. Grab the guns on spawn island and practice shooting moving targets while you wait for the game to load!

  4. wrong wrong and wrong again general sensitivity is like your walking around looking targeting sensitivity is when you press and hold RMB and scoped sensitivity is when you Aim down sights

  5. Thank you for everything thank you for everything my father passed away and these have helped so much xoxo

  6. How do you like scope in a lot with the red dot and holo? Like your red dot gets closer than mine does ? If that makes any sense lol

  7. Third match ever I finally snuck up on someone, aimed with my AR shot directly at him with it crosshair was on him , aim was directly on him. He isn't even hit by any of my shots, and turns around and kills me
    Wtf lol

  8. yo just wondering if you have a smaller space to move your mouse should you have a higher or lower sensativity

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