PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds VS Fortnite Battle Royale – Which Should You Play? (PUBG VS Fortnite)


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  1. I used to like fortnite Br quite a lot until all the bullshittery started to happen, I get insta killed with a broken shotgun at long range, I get insta killed from a semi auto handgun at long range my frame rate drops before I even die so I can't see what's happening and I can't fight back…honestly bullshit,hopefully PUBG comes on the Xbox player charts a lot quicker than fortnite,I would like to say it's not because I'm shit I've won loads of times squads duos solos but a tyranny of bullshittery and cunty players has swept fortnite making me want to play PUBG more

  2. I think PUBG is super dope but I play more fortnite basically for the abilities to destroy anything and to build. Those 2 features alone are game changing imo. If you could at the very least destroy trees and structure in pubg id probably play it more.

  3. I want to play pubg so baddy but I'm a ps4 fan and I'm to broke to afford a Mac that can play pubg and if it only comes to Xbox I speak for all my PS4 fans out there F…U Microsoft stealing a game like this and I wonder this for a while and in the trailer it say it an exclusive and pubg is on PC so it not an exclusive

  4. i would play fortnite battle royale because i think it would be fun to play a more cartoony survival game and still be able to use guns in a game targeted to kids and its free so you can basicly play a cartoon pubg for free

  5. I play both, i like both and they are both good games so play whichever you want.

    Love the dramatic narration

  6. Alot of you perfer bc its right? Well when pubg comes out for consoles you atleast try it out and see what you think

  7. Pubg has basic tactics however fortnite battle petals brings in new and unique tactics into the gaming world. Like base housing and destroying forts. Fortnite has more unique items and pubg limits is self to reality when fortnite can do whatever they want.

  8. Just played Fortnite. Holy shit that game sucks. It's way too fast paced. The controls are fucking clunky, especially because of the retarded building mechanic. Also, the aiming and damage is a joke. Sometimes I one shit kill a dude with a pistol from 200m and then at other times I need to hit a guy 3 times with a shotgun at point blank. The movement isn't any better. You can dodge bullets by doing some spastic movements, but at the same time you cant even jump through a fucking window… I never played PUBG, but there is no way it is gonna be worse than fucking Fortnite.

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