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Now that the servers have stopped crashing, it’s time for me to
look at the second of August’s free PS4 games: 2016’s Dead by Daylight! This asymmetric multiplayer horror game boasts a unique premise, allowing players to take both sides of a horror movie, both the killer and the victims. How does this premise hold up though – is it a terrific horror game, or a horrific game in its own right? And does Dead by Daylight do enough to earn YOUR time and precious hard drive space? Find out in today’s PLUSone review!

PLUSone is a series dedicated to looking at all of the free games on PlayStation Plus and other platforms to tell you if they’re worth playing. The games may be free, but your time is valuable – so I dive into each game to see who it’s a good fit for, and who should just skip it!

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“The Golden Bolt Theme” composed by Nicco PJZ. Check out his stuff at It’s well worth your time!


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  1. You dont need friends to enjoy this ive been playing this game for 10 hours, 10 minutes with friends and im not gonna stop so give it a chance even if you dont have any friends.

  2. Been playing Friday the 13th and I can say I prefer that game over Dead by Daylight surprisingly. Being able to kill your enemies, and being able to play better as a survivor is great and all. Sometimes simplicity can be a bit better. It ain’t perfect by any means, but there is fun to be had though.

  3. For Ps Plus in October 2018.

    Friday the 13th and Laser League on PS4

    Master Reboot Ps3

    The Bridge, Ps3 but also on PS4 and Vita

    Rocketbird 2 Revolution and 2064 Read Only Memories on PS4 and Vita, 5 PS4 games this month. Also, I have a feeling that Friday the 13th is given out for two reasons. One, to get more people playing the game as their player base can be a bit down, and two and the main one “HALLOWEEN” not the movie, but the horror game for Halloween so what better time then to give the game than that.

  4. Hey, I started playing it and man, do I love this strange little game! I don't think the servers are empty, although with the long loads I do always keep a charged mobile phone or a vita nearby to pass time. I love the randomness of the bloodweb system and as a trophy hunter I love that there are a lot of trophies and some are pretty hard 😀 It's going to take a while for this platinum, but I'll be having a lot of fun with it.

  5. I'm trying to find this on ps store but I'm only seeing the special edition for 30 bucks… How do I Find free

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