Pokemon GO Beta in Japan gameplay leaked!

Filename: pokemongoleaked.exe

FileSize: 23 MB

Free pokemongoleaked is ready for download

Pokemon GO Beta in Japan gameplay leaked!was extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15723





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  1. Here are the steps to access Pokemon Go Beta Apk for Android:
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  2. its not like what I expected, I though we will using our camera just like we're recording to move or something else but the fact is…. well ya know. im sad :(

  3. have captured the same Pokemon to evolve I prefer better levels !! and also coaches pokemon can not attack the wild pokemon ?¿

  4. I think this is fake, or the vid would have been taken down already. If it is real, then i hope the final version looks better, and they add in pokemon from gen 1 – 7.

  5. wouldnt it be better to treat the player themselves as the trainer rather than going through an avatar, since this is supposed to be "in world"??

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