Pokemon GO Leaked Information & Features Gyms, Items, Screenshots, Natures

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  1. I feel as if Wild Battles may or may not be added in the second Beta test in japan, a.k.a Our first Beta test. But i do believe it will have Wild Battles.

  2. I would be 100% okay with shiny multipliers/+chance bonuses being the key microtransaction product. People really like shinies, but its completely cosmetic. Heck, a new second "shiny" color, or the pokeball seals from gen4 would be fun yet not gamebreaking.

  3. why can no one pronounce 'STO-IC' it comes from ancient Greek philosophy; it'll be a defensive nature I assume.

  4. Do you Think that different pokemon originating from different countries will have to do with what country in?

    Let me know by replying! :D

  5. Try to Google Pokemon Go Apk, I got mine from ApkQueen a Japan Beta Test that works only using VPN and Fake GPS?

  6. I think the clothes for the charakters is whats gonna cost REAL money. I'm sure of that pokeballs and potions will be able to pay real money for aswell but only for like lazy players who don't wan't to go at it the "normal" way. I think we could find pokeballs in nautre? Or by completing Quests?
    I just hope not so very much things is set out to be bought with real money.
    I hope there are only a option for as I said lazy players but you can still get all the stuff in a non paying real money way.
    Maby it's like in MMORPG, you can buy some clothes with"in game money" but more fancy items are if you pay with real money, maby you can pay in game money for potions or even craft your own by finding items in the wild or getting items after battleing other players pokemon or if the make a battle system for wild pokemons? I don't think it will be that detailed tho…I wish they could do Pokemon go more… REAL GOOD like not just scrap something together and just make it all crappy as it is now I hope it's only like this in the beta or else i will lose intrest in a week after starting…Did you say we CAN have starters? Cuze all the other videos have said there will be no starters. And also I too hate those kind of games where you can only play an hour a day and haveing to wait a whole day if you don't wanna pay real money to use items (like all the dragon app games out there) I think the whole point with this game should be to make people go out more much more like whole days, think of how much more healtier everyone would be and childrens parents would thank niantic labs a ton cuze nowdays everyones just inside all by themselves by their computer, but with pokemon go you would make friends, like in the subway you see someone else with a Pokemon GO bracelet and you go to them and be like " Hey wanna be friends and trade pokemon and capture em together?" If you can only play a certain time becuze the lack of items then there would be no fun…I wanna be out like 7 hours looking for pokemon not like 30 minutes "ooops your items are all out come again tomorrow" yuuuck…I hope it's not like that. LEt's hope all the field testers in japan makes complains and they change the game. The faith rests in your hands japan please help us o^o

  7. With the micro transactions combined with the no battling wild Pokemon, I already see people struggling to reach a wild Pokemon and running out of poke balls.

    Forcing us to buy more or wait like an hour or two

    To good to be true? Tell me your thoughts.

  8. I dunno… The game looks kinda EH so far. The whole not battling wild pokemon kinda sucks.. It reminds me of the anime which I hate.

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