Poland can Into Civilization 6! – Let’s Play – Part 33

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  1. @Quill18 So, in Civ 6 science victory, you reach Mars. Now, you find Prothean ruins, and you go play Mass Effect. xD

  2. Hey @Quill18 ! I really enjoy your Civ "Let's Plays." I like to listen as I play Civ myself. I've gone back and watched some of the earlier Civ 6 play-throughs but I'm running out! You gonna start a new Let's Play Civ 6 as Persia or Macedon soon???

  3. I went back to Civ5 and noticed that there's an achievement for Poland In Space – is that why there was this specific Let's Play goal and does Civ6 have the same achievement too?

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