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  1. I’m really glad that CryEngine is coming to Linux and that Valve did that
    DirectX thingy to OpenGL and stuff. Cuz these days I game exclusively on
    Linux (mainly cuz I can’t stand Windows and the majority of the games I
    play are already on Linux). Unfortunately there’s a few games I still need
    Windows for, such as Watch_Dogs when it comes out and GTA5 if it ever comes
    to PC (unless Rockstar becomes amazing overnight and makes a Linux version
    but considering their poor PC support in general I highly doubt that).

  2. I don’t understand why there is such a push for change to Linux. The only
    time Linux has ever made sense to me is in servers, because it’s free.
    Although after using Windows Server 2012, I don’t want to go back to the
    gritty Linux servers anymore.

  3. Gaming on linux
    ps4 runs orbis os (freebsd ok not really linux)

    its nothing new and if you ask a proper linux user he will tell you there
    is more games on linux than a lot of folk make out
    for example google get deb than click on games

    there is also a few game installers as well (sure one is called DJM could
    be wrong)

    Microsoft has already sh*t on pc gamers and focused more on the xbox so no
    wonder steam are pushing for more support on linux …I say more the better
    having a choice is better than being forced into using 1 os.

    there is currently over 1140 games on linux (not including android) and the
    number is growing that not bad for a operating system that is free

    and before some says linux cant do squat hollywood has released a few
    blockbuster films using open source saving them thousands of pounds
    (dollars if ur american)

  4. pfft popcorn time?! What about potlocker, putlocker, movie4k, nowshare,
    etc. pirated movies are already being streamed…do your research guys.

  5. Just a shame that the Popcorn Time download link has been removed from the
    website 🙁 

  6. Worst problem with holding a job and being a known gamer is when you need
    “sick days” for video game releases. 

  7. I would love to game on linux.. but until its at the state of simplicity as
    windows 7 and actually works perfectly, sorry but I will stick with Windows

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