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  1. Honestly, the only way the Government can jump on you over pirated content
    is if you were the one who uploaded it. If you download or stream pirated
    stuff, it’s *Impossible* for the govt to prove you knew it was pirated.
    The DMCA can eat a giant steaming plate of dicks if they think there’s
    truly any way to stop piracy entirely because as long as it’s digital, it’s

  2. ugh i think laws against downloading movies and stuff is stupid…
    obviously their is a ton of people who just download it and never intend to
    buy it later down the road but their is other people who want to know if
    its worth spending cash on adding it to their collection…people like to
    know what they get before they buy it and their is no real way to do that
    with movies…with movies you pay for a ticket or by the movie in hopes
    your gonna like it but their is no real way to know if its good except for
    word of mouth.. but you do not truly know if ur enjoy it or not

  3. i have something similar on my wdtv but i’m not using it because it
    downloads from public sites and it has no ip filter whatsoever so using it
    without an anonymous proxy would be a big no-no. there are better ways to
    get the content without the risk.

  4. I’m on a smaller FTTH ISP, they don’t monitor traffic generally. But just
    in case, I have a VPN with fully encrypted traffic, leaving them completely
    blind as to what I’m doing anyhow with minimal slowdown and latency added.
    Great investment. Also, thanks for bringing awareness about this. It makes
    a great showcase for Bittorrent in the mainstream and for potential
    legitimate usage.

    Also, run adblock next time you visit TBP 😛 We all know what that cropped
    ad really was :P

  5. Well is PopcornTime actually downloading movies to your computer, exactly
    how does the torrenting process work for PopcornTime?

  6. I’ve never used torrent sites as I’ve heard extremely scary things about
    them. I’d like to watch things that don’t sell here in the US like Sentai,
    a lot of good anime, Ultraman series, Kamen Rider…if anyone knows any
    legit sites to buy them, I’d appreciate it, or any info about torrents
    because I’d like to believe that my pc won’t get a nasty virus or ten using

  7. You can’t arrest every single pirate for the simple reason that you’d run
    out of police officers…

  8. It’s chompy! And I would never torrent anything. I know you can get viruses
    and stuff from doing that. :)

  9. I couldn’t care less. I pirate stuff a lot, if I like it I buy it. For
    example, I pirated season one of Castle, and then I went out and bought
    season one plus every other season when I had money to do so.

    If I wasn’t able to have pirated that I’d never have bought it.

    Also, file sharing isn’t illegal everywhere (nor should it be). The only
    reason people think it should be illegal is because it’s illegal for them
    and they’re only taught the negatives. But piracy can do a lot of good for
    the world too, it’s just some things need to change to allow for that.

    For example, if this Popcorn Time place were to generate ad revenue and
    then give a portion of that revenue to the guys making the movies that’d be
    great. Basically if they did what YouTube did. While you may think that
    movies wont make enough money then, that’s not true. The movies would
    still be available to watch in movie theatres and that’s where movies make
    all their profits anyways. Once it goes to DVD/Blu-ray they don’t really
    make much on profit anymore. So if these companies would just put these
    movies on sites we can watch them for free and fund it via ad revenue the
    world would be a better place.

    I’m not saying this method is applicable to everything, but it’s definitely
    applicable to movies. For example, it wouldn’t really work for games or

  10. I’m more excited that something like this could become the new YouTube.
    Crowd sourced bandwidth + storage :D

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