Portal Knights Cheats: How to Easily Duplicate Items! (Cheat Engine 6.5 Tutorial)

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  1. with the newest update featuring water and new items in the game do the codes/cheats still work at all? I hope you plan on continuing with the cheats on this game.

  2. if I wanted to do this in say slot 3 rather than slot 2… would I have to put -3 rather than -2? i don't get the whole -2 bit unless it's the number slot it's in so like I said before if I put -3 will it then work for slot 3 rather than 2 please?

  3. After a Hour of playing after I used all this the cheat engine item Number stopped working. Everytime I put a new item into slot 2 cheatengine would not shot the ID… Maybe you have to restart it after a while or something…

  4. You sir are a genius. I've been using Cheat Engine for years and didn't know you could do all these cool tricks with it.

  5. Could you please make a TUT for this game and show how to make a script like you did in the other video ? so everytime ill i will open the CT it will work 😀

  6. This didn't do anything for me. It found 2 values, instead of a bunch like that. I altered them but they didn't change the amount of items I had or change what item it was. The values automatically switched back to the original in the Cheat Engine 6.5

  7. This isn't working, somehow i put a number but it instantly go back to original number, im sure im on the right value because when i place down block it also appears in CE…i think they patched it

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