Project Spark Beta Gameplay – Top 5 Community Creations


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  1. They should really add so saves so when you want to quit a game but want to
    play later on you can press save and there,

  2. Great idea behind Project Spark. It’s just too limited with the cartoony
    fantasy style. I mean yeah people have created some amazing things that
    completely break these boundaries, but if you want to make an RPG or a FPS
    or anything like that… it’s extremely difficult to break away from the
    base Spark style.

  3. im in the process of making league of legends with like half the champs for
    xbox one if u want i will be uploading it to the comunity soon!

  4. is the bone dragon made with various pieces and then given a brain to the
    entire thing?

  5. Love the Beta, playing on Xbox One, super fun, its what Disney Infinity
    should have been along with little big planet. Yes you can spend real
    money, but the core stuff they give you is enough to pass the time.

  6. +Arekkz Gaming on number four was that a stargate you went through? lol
    looked like it

  7. Just started playing the beta. I’m impressed by the limitless

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