1. Yeah, this is nothing like a game engine, there is literally NOTHING to do
    for me, a game creator.

  2. This game is interesting, but I don’t think it is enough for me to purchase
    an Xbox One or upgrade my PC to Windows 8.

  3. am i the only having this where the game is lagging? i know its only the
    beta but still…
    plz answer

  4. After all the hype this game got, it really isn’t looking too great. I
    think I’ll stick to minecraft maps.

  5. Although you found this game very disappointing, I don’t think you can
    compare it to the Titanfall beta, there are too many differences between
    the two. 

  6. I have a Beta key to give away for this game so to enter just tweet about
    my channel and I’ll automatically enter you! (has to include

  7. So martyn ive made a map that i want you to make a video where you play
    some community levels and maybe play mine 🙂 My map is called Hunting birds
    and sqirrels 🙂 Now what im about to write has nothing to do with being a
    like hunter but it would be great if you saplings would thumps it up Thanks

  8. I hope one day I could be part of the yogscast could you say I could or
    couldn’t in you next blog

  9. i would of chosen fallen ranger and say it was your old freind who tried to
    kill you

  10. ok i have played this and i have to say i give it a 6/10. Its good but it
    need work, a lot of work. how ever i would like to see it after it is

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